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Bubbly Spirits

Modern Mixology With Personality

The Smile Behind Bubbly Spirits

Hi all, I’m Jason Miller, the smile behind Bubbly Spirits, an East Bay based mixology company intentionally crafting cocktails with precision and flair for the past 5 years.

At Bubbly Spirits, we wholeheartedly embrace the modern cocktail movement, infusing each creation with our unique touch, complete with its own name and enthralling backstory. When you indulge in one of our cocktails, you’re not just sipping a drink – you’re embarking on a journey woven with flavors and emotions. Our commitment to advanced techniques is matched only by our dedication to fostering an inviting and hospitable atmosphere, one that ensures everyone feels at home, with no intimidation or pretentiousness.

For us, the essence of the cocktail experience lies in hospitality. We believe that whether you’re a seasoned cocktail enthusiast or a first-time drinker, everyone deserves an exceptional moment with their beverage. Through Bubbly Spirits, we strives to create an environment where every patron feels valued and leaves with an unforgettable, delightful memory.

If You’re Looking For:

A Bartender for your wedding, dinner, private event. We do events of all sizes! From two hundred person weddings to private dinners with ten of your greatest friends.

Cocktail Classes. Shake up your girls’ night out, double/triple/quadruple date, or even corporate icebreaker with an interactive mixology course. Learn to make three drinks and take home the recipes and equipment to recreate them!

A Bar Consultant: Crafting a captivating bar menu can be daunting. Let’s collaborate to enhance the cocktail world together.

Calvados, Brown Butter Washed Vodka, Cinnamon Syrup, Lemon

sweater weather

Has a cocktail ever made you feel hugged, at your grandmas house, as a pie is being baked? It's exactly like that.
Vodka, Elderflower, Sparkling Wine, Cranberry & Grapefruit Snow

trophy wife

A high ABV cocktail disguised as another casual glass of Moscato. Taming the stress of family holidays one sip at a time.
Mezcal, Coffee Bean, Lemon, Simple, Bubbles

the corduroy

Tediously crafted for the experienced palate. Enjoy the complexity of this clarified, carbonated sour lounging by a fire in your favorite loafers.
Gin or White Rum, Lime, Simple, Cranberry & Citrus Foam


The not-so-basic cousin of the timeless Cosmo. Proving that refinement and flair are not just compatible, they are sides of the same coin.
Rye Whiskey, Ruby Port, Lemon, Simple. Egg White, Raspberry

Merriam's Final Wish

Whiskey, when handled well, can charm even the most hesitant host, all while maintaining its distinct character. Share memories over a cocktail who is both smooth on the gaze and bright on the palate.
Rum Blend, House Ginger Beer, Lime, Honey, Allspice, Dark Rum Float

Summer's remains

Dancing in the ashes of summer. Revive the corpse of sunny days with this warming tiki drink destined for the fall.

Let's plan something

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If you have questions about:

  • Bartending a wedding: Let’s come up with a menu and headcount to make the best day of your life even better!
  • Mixology classes: Contemporary and modern classics, work with specific spirits, basic/intermediate/advanced techniques. We’ll gladly cater the curriculum to your mixology goals.
  • Bar consulting: Let us do the brainstorming on your next bar menu. Heck, even ask us about glassware sourcing, making sustainable and fresh ingredients, or training your bartenders.

From the moment we arrived, Jason's infectious enthusiasm and warm demeanor set the tone for the evening. He managed to strike the perfect balance between being knowledgeable and approachable-- instantly putting everyone at ease.

Ashleigh T.Private Dinner

Jason helped us choose which cocktails to serve at our wedding-- even suggested how much beer and wine to buy. The drinks were both delicious and stunning and his service is unmatched! If you have a chance to try the Sara's Lemonade, take it!

Jennifer S.Wedding

I didn't know learning could be so much fun! Before this class I never touched a jigger or a barspoon, but now all I can think about is making more drinks. Jason is an incredible teacher. So patient, knowledgeable and honest!

Xiao L.Mixology Class

We thoroughly enjoyed our time with Jason! He is super personable, knowledgeable, and thoughtful about who he is serving. The drinks he made were not only delicious, but beautiful too. We are looking forward to the next time!!

Lisa L.Private Dinner